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All of our entrepreneurs and client companies are provided the following services to accomplish their desired financial objectives.


Financial Guidance

Each of our entrepreneurs are provided the necessary financial parameters and direction in order to help achieve investor interest and accomplish their expansion and financial objectives.
You will receive our decades of hands-on financial experience and deep understanding of the intracacies and requirements of each stage of funding negotiations, valuations and transactions.

All of our entrepreneurs and client companies are given guidance in the planning process and negotiations of creative, flexible and realistic solutions to a broad range of capital funding transactions and their related decisions and outcomes.

Capital Marketing

Entrepreneurs need to realize that it is not the best deals that receive funding but the best “marketed” deals.  All of our entrepreneurs are marketed to the widest possible range of start-up or early stage funding sources (200-400 firms) to ensure their best potential exposure possible and ultimate funding success within the venture capital industry and other capital markets.

Strategy Sessions

Each entrepreneur is guided by us in the development of their business models, investment advantages, strategic partner selections, sales and marketing objectives, short and long term strategies, competition analysis and exit strategies as well as the planning for later stages of funds from the capital markets.

Professional Mentoring

Each entrepreneur is assisted in developing their investor information including their executive summary, business description, products and markets, leadership team and financial plan sections in our proven format as well as an investor slide deck presentation. If needed, a professional web site can also be created and structured for potential investors.

Executive Recruiting

Each of our entrepreneurs is assisted by us in identifying and recruiting executives needed to complete their management team.  We have been very successful in finding very talented team members for little or no expense for our client companies and consider these efforts essential in attracting needed capital from investors.

Advisory Services

As one of our client companies, you will receive help producing the necessary information as well as the coaching needed for face-to-face investor presentations.  You will also be provided access to a substantial number of investors or firms specifically interested in early-stage companies as well as the knowledge from our large database of these investors’ investment criteria.  In addition, you will receive assistance in evaluating investment proposals as well as our decades of experience regarding all phases of capital formation.

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Our Company

Since our inception in 1995, we have specialized exclusively in assisting entrepreneurs with their start-up, early stage or emerging organizations in many different industries.

Our corporate headquarters is located in Houston, Texas. Our telephone number is 832.369.1016.


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