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Founded in 1995, AmeriFinancial is a private investment, venture capital and advisory firm that has specialized exclusively in early stage and emerging growth companies since its inception.  Providing private equity capital or debt funding for entrepreneurs or early-stage organizations that will ultimately produce exceptional returns for both the entrepreneur and their investors is our goal.

Our primary focus is within the technology, medical, healthcare, consumer products, software and financial service sectors as evidenced in the portfolio page of our web site.  However, we invest and advise entrepreneurial companies across many different industries as reflected within the transactions page in our web site.

A cross-section of our current clientele is listed below:

AmeriFinancial About Us Health Conextions




Health Conextions, Inc. is an early-stage, innovative technology and communications organization with proprietary, singular and multi-purpose product lines and a progressive business model designed to provide new market penetration opportunities in the telehealth and telecommunications industries.

The Company’s advanced technology and original solutions are accomplished by leveraging the power of the internet, the distinct capabilities of video and important medical monitoring devices, all within a revolutionary, rotating touch screen video telephone, tablet or mobile phone equipped with the highest quality health peripherals available.
AmeriFinancial About Us Active Faith



Active Faith Sports is a unique and innovative emerging Company that is rapidly penetrating and capitalizing upon the large national and international Christian marketplace with its creative brands and high-quality, celebrity-endorsed products, merchandise and sponsored events.

The Christian market in the United States has been estimated to be over 230 million people that spend an estimated $1.5 trillion on annual basis.

Currently, their are nine professional athletes who have invested in the Company and there are over 100 professional athleltes who wear the Company’s products.


Rainforest Water Australia Logo 6.17.16

For the first time ever, utilizing its singular technology within its unique operating plants, this organization intends to harvest pure rainwater from untainted, natural environments such as Far North Queensland, Australia and other locations distant from polluted urban areas and will market its resulting pristine, highest quality water product on a global scale.

The Company also intends to provide the opportunity for countries in need of adequate and clean drinking water as well as as corporate clients and other organizations with the opportunity to license its technology and purchase entire rainwater harvesting facilities from the Company.

In summary, the Company proposes to produce arguably the purest, naturally derived drinking water in the world, which will be initially marketed and sold on a bulk or bottled basis in the United States, Japan and China.

AmeriFinancial About Us Informed Consent


InformedConsentMD is an innovative enterprise with a unique platform of proprietary and multiple product lines designed to provide doctors and medical institutions significant protection against malpractice litigation. In addition to providing a cost-effective, time saving, consent methodology for physicians, the Company provides patients with user friendly, standardized education.

Using an efficient, internet-based subscription model, the Company’s platform and products present new market penetration opportunities with substantial revenue streams for the Company from multiple medical disciplines.


CI AF Website About UsChampion Investments, Inc. (CHAM OTC) is a publicly-traded corporation that has elected and filed with the Securities and Exchange commission to be treated as a Business Development Company and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.
The Company makes investments in early stage and emerging enterprises in the technology, medical and consumer sectors utilizing its proprietary transaction methods and strategies.

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Since our inception in 1995, we have specialized exclusively in assisting entrepreneurs with their start-up, early stage or emerging organizations in many different industries.

Our corporate headquarters is located in Houston, Texas. Our telephone number is 832.369.1016.


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